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Sandagdorj Delgermaa

04-Jan-19Volleyball -Beginner

Melbourne Central Station, Melbourne VICFemale, 16

May be my level would be more than begginner. I really wanted practice and be member of team. I have been play volleball for 3 years. I have a one golden medal of secondary school championship. Especially i intrested teenage volleyball clubs. All days are avaiable to me . Location is central of mel.

Molly Turpie

03-Jan-19Volleyball -Beginner

Darling Harbour, Sydney NSWFemale, 19

Moving to Sydney from Feb 2019- Sep 2019 for work. I will be working on a zero-hour contact so cannot provide availability yet! I'm 18, English and looking to join a social club where I can play and make friends!! Never played before, but I am sporty, playing both netball and hockey. I won't have a car, but willing to travel anywhere accessible from Darling Harbour by public transport!!

Maria Ercules

30-Dec-18Volleyball -Intermediate

2034 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee NSW

Hello! Would like to join a volleyball club not too far from Randwick..I am a ok, never played professionally, but just for fun.. availability Tuesday night?

Jomet M

28-Nov-18Volleyball -Intermediate

Chatswood NSWMale, 38

Hi Mates, I am looking to join a group to play recreational Volleyball not too far from Chatswood . I have intermediate skills and have played before. If you don't mind one more to join you, please call or text me in 0469430541

Saba Yhy

25-Nov-18Volleyball -Intermediate

Milton QLDFemale, 19

Haven’t played in about a year but played regularly for about 5 years back when I was 11

Jeanie Smith

29-Oct-18Volleyball -Beginner

Byford WAFemale, 22

I played volleyball in school and also last summer socially and fell in love with it. I am in Byford and am happy to travel into Perth or Mandurah if its weekly. I'm beginner level and I am looking for some people in the South region of Perth who want to have a bit of fun but also get better and compete at some point! If your like me send a message

Lydia Asmerom

29-Oct-18Volleyball -Beginner

Melbourne VICFemale, 16

I've Played Volleyball during year 7 and 8 but not this year. A bit rusty with the rotation, but overall I am a good team member willing to learn new volleyball techniques and also the correct serving technique. I can play or train on Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Friday nights and Sunday nights. Near St.albans, Deer Park, Keilor parks and Taylors Lakes.

Rosa Pereira

22-Oct-18Volleyball -Beginner

St Johns Park NSWFemale, 32

Looking for a fun way to stay active, currently have an average level of fitness. Have played volleyball a handful of times and really enjoyed it each time. Free most evenings and will make time on weekends

Mohit Arora

09-Oct-18Volleyball -Intermediate

Saint Kilda West VIC 3182Male, 31

Hi, I have played valley ball for few years back in school and I would love to get back in to it again. i Can play on week days after 6 and I would prefer to play at MSAC. Thanks

monique sabato

04-Oct-18Volleyball -Beginner

Greenvale VICFemale, 19

i’m a beginner, but i’m really keen to get in and give it a go, looking for something fun and active to do in my free time and would really love to be part of a team :) i’m available most evenings and weekends, looking for something fairly close to my area

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